Welcome to Fitstuff Run Club

Various options on a Wednesday at 6.30pm and Friday morning at 10am

Established back in 2012 with a handful of runners and one session, Fitstuff Run Club today’s offering has grown to four different sessions on a Wednesday evening and another on a Friday morning, with around 80 people running each week. Take a look at this month’s schedule, see what our training sessions typically involve and which run leaders will be taking the group out.

This Month's Schedule

Wednesday at 6:30pm

There are normally 3 – 4 options to choose from each Wednesday evening:

  • A gentle 7k option
  • A slightly more intense 9 – 10k option
  • A core training session (see Training Options below)

We publish full details of these (including the meeting location) closer to the time on our Facebook Group Page.

Friday at 10am

Starting again on September 3rd 2021! View the Facebook group page for more details

High visibility clothing and head torches are required during the winter months (excluding track sessions)

Is Fitstuff Run Club for me?

Absolutely! To give you an idea of the sort of club we are, we sit between Couch to 5K and Club Athletics.

For our Wednesday evening session we ask that you can complete a 5K run within 30 minutes before you join us, otherwise the sessions may be too stretching and we would have trouble managing a large group. Our Friday morning sessions are designed to be a gentler pace, so perfect for anyone who can complete a 5K within 35 minutes

We are not affiliated and take no joining fees.

Training Options


They might not be pleasant but they have plenty of benefits for runners. Running up hills helps build strength and power in your legs, which converts to quicker times on the flat, and encourages positive changes in running form by lifting your knees up that little bit higher.


Interval sessions are pretty much as they sound like. You run repetitions with slower recoveries in between. You train at your own pace and at your own level of challenge. Interval training is great for improving your speed.

Tempo Run

Described as a ‘comfortably hard’ pace, the aim is to run at roughly 90% of your 5km race pace and be able to maintain this pace for the duration of the session.


A track session at the Guildford Spectrum builds up your speed due to the surface and controlled environment. You can trust your footing while running and it also allows you to measure times and distance accurately. Athletic clubs do varying sessions each week. The cost of this session is £3 each which covers the track hire.

Just Run: 6 - 7K

The shorter Just Run sessions allows for a conversational pace, roughly 6.5 – 7 mins/km with a couple of stops to re-group. If you are new to the group and returning to running this is a perfect starting option.

Just Run: 9 - 10K

The longer Just Run sessions allows for a moderate pace, roughly 5 – 5.5 mins/km with a couple of stops to re-group.

Long Run

The long run is normally 15-20 km on local trail routes and aims to take around 2 hours. We advise you bring some form of hydration for the duration of the run and also generally recommend wearing trail shoes.

Friday Mornings

A Friday session is normally 7 to 10 km at a conversational pace with stops to re-group and admire the views. While most sessions fit the “Just Run” category we occasionally try alternatives such as “Segment Chasing” or a “Timed Mile”. There is no fixed finish time and more often than not we head to a local Coffee shop.

Run Leaders

All of the Run Leaders are volunteers and are EA qualified ( England Athletics ).

Alex Read

Bill Wild

Chris Nugent

Christy Dadswell

Francesca Sist

Keith Harrison

Lynsey Brown

Matthew King

Melanie Bailey

Rebecca Brennan

Sean Kurn

Tamara Pedgrift

* Guest Run Leader


There is a huge element of socialness about us. We enjoy our cake and there is always a drink to be had in the pub post run. On the last Wednesday of the month we make a point of going to the pub.

Find out more about Fitstuff Run Club

We will be very happy to see you if you decide to come along to one of our sessions. For more details click on one of the links below.